Corporate Matching

Many Northwest companies make matching contributions to charitable organizations like Cathcart CPO. Please take a moment to see if your company matches funds. This is a great way for money to add up quickly! If you have questions, check with your company or contact our Treasurer at


Here are some local companies and contact links who are involved in the Corporate matching programs:


Company Name Program Active
Employee Gift and Volunteer Matching Program
Like many companies in the United States, we match our employees’ donations dollar for dollar. At Microsoft, we take it one step further by matching volunteer time at $17 per hour through the Volunteer Time Matching program. Through this benefit, the allocated limit is US$12,000 per employee, per year. International employees are provided a minimum of three days of paid time off to volunteer in their local communities.
Gift and Volunteer Match Programs
Boeing offers generous matching programs for eligible employees to increase their positive community impact through charitable donations, volunteer hours and participation in fundraising walks. The three match programs can be used alone or in combination for a maximum match of $6,000 per employee per year to eligible organizations.
Qwest Foundation Employee Matching Program
Qwest offers an employee matching program for volunteer time. Employees who volunteer 40 or more hours of service to a non-profit organization over a 6 month time period are eligible to apply for a $500 grant for that non-profit organization. Employees simply complete an application and submit it with proof of 501(c)(3) status to the Qwest Foundation for processing. Click on the link for more details on requirements, terms and where to apply.


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