2023-2024 Volunteer Opportunities 

Art Smart

The Art Smart Program is off to a great start this year.  We’ve had a lot of interest and volunteers sign up, thank you!  Last week we sent out an email from our art smart account artsmart4cathcart@gmail.com to all of those that showed interest at business day and those that previously volunteered with Art Smart.  We are looking to fill a few more positions, our current needs are below.  Our program is completely run by volunteers and we want to guarantee every class has a lead and helper in place to begin lessons in October. 

If you would like to sign up for your child’s class please email us at artsmart4cathcart@gmail.com and we will get you the information to get started.

Gift-Needs a LEAD

Glassey-Needs a LEAD

Henderson-Needs a LEAD

Sloan-Needs a LEAD

Wilson-Needs a LEAD

Wolf-Needs a LEAD and HELPERS

These following classes only have one helper and could use another if possible: Gift, Green, McGrath, Reed, and Wilson

All classes can always use more helpers to add to their Art Smart Teams

Science Fair helpers and judges



If your a DAD (or male guardian) of a student at Cathcart we'd love for you to sign up to be a WatchDOG. You get to spend the day at school doing all the cool stuff with the kids including recess, lunch, gym, class time. Sign up for one or more days here: 

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  • Background Check- In order to be allowed on campus, all volunteers have to go through a background check every two years. Here's a link to Snohomish School District Volunteer info: Volunteers / Volunteers (wednet.edu), and here's a direct link to the online form if you just want to get going: SafeVisitor Solutions



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